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As a citizen of the earth…

I fully have the right…

to harvest water from the sky

to grow my own food in my own home

to harvest energy from the sun and the wind

to contain and reuse my own waste on my own land

to make my shelter comfortable without the use of fossil fuels

and to harvest what others throw away to construct my own home

I am willing to die to defend these rights and to spread the knowledge of how to
achieve them to others.

If six billion other people said this as well…
we would transcend the corporations, the governments, and the federal reserve bank.

We, the people, would always survive.

Michael Reynolds

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Here’s a fun story:

Once upon a time, (last summer and the summer before that) I helped build an Earthship.  For those of you who don’t know, an Earthship is a home made completely recycled materials that is zero impact.  All of the materials are either being reused or came straight from the earth.  We used about 1000 used tires from junk yard, filled them with a mix of shale, mud, paper, etc, and stacked them on top of each other.  We filled in the spaces that were awkward fits or crooked or whatever with old books.  Then came the fun part.  To completely fill in the walls on the inside and outside, we used a mixture called cob.  It’s natural cement.  It’s equal parts clay and sand, with straw mixed in until it’s the right consistency - packable. We mixed it on tarps with our feet, which was a riot =] and then we packed it into the spaces between the tires to make an even wall.  These pictures (pretty good for my cell phone, eh?) are from one of the most beautiful days we had when we were working.  Once the snow melts, we’re gonna go finish it! The guy who owns it is planning on living there within 2 years.